Tribute is in addition to gifts. By purchasing a gift for Mistress you understand the item is mine to keep. My word, is as always final!

Buy Mistress a Gift

Here is my Amazon wish list. There are lots of wonderful gifts to choose from, I just love receiving parcels in the post!

Spoil me, think very carefully about what Mistress would desire. Don’t disappoint me, don’t assume you know me. Ask me how you may please me. Don’t guess, it’s a dangerous game to play with a Goddess.

Choose wisely, your happiness depends on your actions. A lack of thought, a lack of effort will not be tolerated.

The Mistress Envy Experience

1-1 Sessions from £160 1st hour.

Additional half an hour from £80
Second hour from £140
Third hour from £120

Longer session prices available upon request – 1/2 day, 24 hours, outdoor, abduction etc.

Double domination or cuckold experience from £250 an hour.

Event attendance / accompanied to an event. – price on enquiry.

Chastity / keyholding from £50 a month.

Video Mistress Session

Skype video call – £2.50 a minute. Minimum 10 minutes.

Mistress and submissive two-way video call. You will follow my conduct instructions clearly! Why not buy me a gift and perhaps if you are very very good I will show you on video. Perhaps, perhaps not. Depends on your submissive conduct and my mood. I am easily displeased, you wouldn’t want to upset me would you.

Mistress Envy Foot Fetish

Mistress Envy Foot Fetish

Rewards: Are You Worthy?

Items for sale – price as listed.

From time to time I will allow you to purchase personal items I have owned and worn. Very worthy submissives will receive photos of the items in addition. These items are in high demand, do you deserve them?

Customised items such as images or audio erotica – contact for prices.

Shopping experience – minimum spend £200.

Other services not listed may be offered. Bookings made with less than 48 hours notice may incur extra charge.

Mistress Session Deposit

A minimum deposit of £80 non refundable must be paid via PayPal to secure your booking. You can either pay the remainder in cash at the beginning of a session or by PayPal prior to the session.

I am based in the South West of England; Devon, Bristol, Somerset. I am able to travel to London and other areas of the UK. Oversea travel can also be arranged. My travel costs would need to be discussed prior to any contract of service.

Tribute payment options for Mistress Envy South west based Domme