The Mistress Envy: The Ultimate Fantasy

Welcome, you are a few clicks away from making your fantasy a reality. I am The Mistress Envy, an elite professional UK dominatrix.

South West UK Dominatrix

Offering a creative range of BDSM and fetish femdom experiences.

Submit to The Mistress Envy. South West England dominatrix. Sessions in London, Somerset and Devon.
The Mistress Envy – English FemDom

A blue-eyed, natural strawberry blonde cruel Domina. I am a well-spoken, intelligent, tall English woman with an enviable hourglass figure. I have a commanding addictive presence.

Pro Domme sessions are available in fully equipped private dungeons. I will travel within the UK; I session in easily accessible fetish venues close to Devon, Somerset, Bristol, Birmingham, London, Manchester and other UK venues on tour if you prove worthy of my precious time.

Do you desire to worship and serve a breath-taking, merciless goddess?

“I am the Mistress you wish to obey and suffer for.”

The one you wish to be seen with, how you dream of being in my company and begging at my beautiful boots and feet.

I am the ultimate fetish fantasy. Please do not disappoint me. Only those deemed worthy or trainable will be awarded such a privilege.

Submit to The Mistress Envy. South West England dominatrix. Sessions in London, Somerset, Devon.
The Mistress Envy – Hour Glass Envy

What Pleases Mistress Envy?

Punctuality – I expect you to be on-time, prompt. Do not arrive a moment too soon and certainly do not be late. It won’t be tolerated.

Discretion – privacy and strict confidentiality is awarded to my male and female submissives, and I command the same.

Manners – impeccable manners and a good vocabulary equals a happy mistress indeed. Well-written emails and thoughtful conversations are expected. The opposite is punishable. Please and thank you is necessary. As is respect.

Hygiene – always arrive at a session clean and fresh. I am a beautiful and well-groomed woman. It is disrespectful not to make an effort.

Tribute and Gifts – I’m sure we can agree I deserve to be spoilt. Flowers, Gucci perfume, Amazon gift cards, real jewellery. Always a good idea to reflect your gratitude in addition to tribute.

BDSM Safety – Let it be known that I will terminate a session at the total cost for any compromise to my safety or well-being. I always have close-by security. Please behave at all times; you have been warned.

Likewise, I am fully first-aid trained, and although I will push you, I respect limits, and all activities in session will be safe and consensual.

Submit to The Mistress Envy. South West England dominatrix. Sessions in London, Somerset, Devon.
Your Money Looks So Much Better On Me.

What Infuriates Mistress Envy?

Haggling – Do not forget yourself! I am superior and offer an elite experience. I live by my terms and will not negotiate.

Last-minute cancellations. – I appreciate that life happens. However, your deposit is non-refundable. Apologise for the inconvenience and for wasting my time with a generous gift, and I may allow you to use your deposit to re-book at another time.

Timewasters – I am not foolish, and you are not worthy. I intend for bookings to be confirmed within 3 to 5 messages. If you want to talk with Mistress casually, a suitable tribute or a gift card will be given. I won’t waste your time; I respect the same courtesy in return from you.

Crossing the boundaries – never touch me unless I have told you to do so. I am unobtainable, untouchable and highly desired. You are at my mercy and must do as I request.

Submit to The Mistress Envy. South West England dominatrix. Sessions in London, Somerset, Devon.
The Mistress Envy – Strap-on Sessions

Brace yourselves:
Mistress Envy – it’s all about ME!

I am a beautiful British natural strawberry blonde and a cruel professional Mistress. Hips to die for or beneath if you are so fortunate.

Based amongst gorgeous English countryside ideal for outdoor play, I can travel UK-wide subject to correct tribute, respect and your pathetic worthiness.

UK FemDom Dungeon Sessions

Conveniently located private play dungeons close to Devon, Somerset (Taunton, Bridgwater, Bristol), London, Worcester, Manchester and other UK cities. I tour often; contact me for a truly mind-blowing fetish experience.

Read my BDSM Sessions page for a guide to my delightful services. I am The Mistress Envy; make your dreams come true with a private session.

Please see my BDSM resources page for other gorgeous kinky websites!

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