Adult babysitting

Dear littles! When mummy and daddy need a break. You need a babysitter.

Please note that I do not offer an ABDL service. I am not a mummy. I’m sure you will agree the sexy hot babysitter role suits me much better. What I offer is the opportunity to explore a new dynamic, whilst you regress into the role of Little. In a safe and non judgemental environment.

Hot Babysitter - Adult Mistress Babysitting
Hot Babysitter – Adult Mistress Babysitting

Adult Baby Babysitter

Will you select the Nice babysitter or the bad babysitter?

Perhaps you are a good little who craves a nurturing beautiful woman. You enjoy, arts and crafts, bed time stories and colouring in. I’ll feed you delicious nutritious food and make sure you eat your vegetables! I’m sweet but strict. I will make sure your homework gets done…

The kind of woman who was your first crush. You’ll desire me despite me being too old for you and out of your league. You’ll compare others to me and daydream about my existence in your life.

“Or are you wayward little! In need of a bad babysitter whilst mummy and daddy are away..”

Imagine being taught to swear in sign language. Given junk food and make you watch scary films. Perhaps teach you how to smoke and support your coming of age by spoiling your innocence with alcohol. Followed by a game of hide and seek. Where remaining hidden is a good idea even if you do deserve the spanking you’ll receive when I find you…