Balloon and looner inflation fetish.

I am one of the UK’s only domina to offer such fetish. I adore inflating brightly coloured latex balloons. Until I can inflate no more. I use both pumps and orally inflate the balloons. Depending on the size I may have you inflate them for me.

Balloon Pop Looner Fetish

I need sufficient notice to book such sessions in order to source what is required. I cater for and enjoy both pop and non pop balloon / looner sessions.

Balloon Fetish Mistress Envy
Balloon Fetish Mistress Envy
Latex Looner Sessions
Latex Looner Sessions

Perhaps I will inflate many balloons inside your clothing until they are fit to burst. Will I pop them? How will I pop them? A cigarette kiss? My heels or my nails? Over inflation… the decision is, as standard, always mine!

I could make you ride a bright large balloon, humping it for my amusement… my imagination and cruel creativity are limitless and dictated by my mood on the day… Hmm perhaps I will remove a hat pin and torturously pop them against your flesh.

Pop / Non Pop Balloon Play

This fetish began with a love of latex and vivid colours. It is however not limited to balloons. Many inflatable devices and items can be used, from life jackets to inflatable pool toys. Goodness even space hoppers.

Looner Fetish Sessions. Balloon Popping Mistress

I can if I so decide, smother you in brightly coloured, blown up items. Keep you in a confined space full to the brim with balloons, using whips and canes to pop them. You fearful and blindfolded in the corner.. Hearing the pops getting louder and closer….

If you are willing and worthy I am also able to source giant balloons which you can be inside whilst it is inflated.

Balloon Bondage Sessions

Ballon fetish classy looner pin up Mistress Envy
Mistress Envy pin up style balloon fetish.

I also want a worthy sub to inflict balloon bondage upon. Using long modelling balloons to create inflated to burst chains and general restriction. The balloons will squeak if you move and wriggle.. So you had best keep still as disappointing me has severe consequences.

What delicious fun indeed..