Long Term Chastity

Do you long to belong to ME? Locked to a Dominatrix. Squirming with agonising need, at the whim of a gorgeous tall blonde English Mistress.

The Mistress Envy, sessions in London, Somerset, Devon, Bristol.
Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)

I offer long term real time chastity and distance keyholding. I write up a contract between the two of us. This is agreed between us but of course as the Pro Domme the final say is mine.

Chastity Keyholding

You can be locked in person or we can have an online arrangement with Skype check in. Every keyholder experience is individual and tailor made. So don’t fear, you do not need to be based in the South West UK such as myself. Those outside of Devon, Bristol and Somerset can also share in this experience.

Mistress Envy Locked in Chastity
Mistress Envy Locked in Chastity

Custom Chastity Contract

Mistress Envy will create a unique custom chastity agreement, the contract. This written agreement can be one with physical keys being held by Mistress or held by the submissive; in which case the distance contract is based upon the submissive’s willpower and a desire to serve Mistress well.

Great trust and temptation is available to you. You must follow the rules as set out in the custom chastity contract to avoid punishment. Which can be in the form of humiliation, physical punishment, mundane tasks (such as writing out a 1000 lines); in fact anything that Mistress deems suitable chastisement.

An example follows, if the submissive is keyholder; The keys are to be placed in a sealed envelope, you will sign the envelope across the seal and send dated and timed photos of the envelope in the every other day report.

Chastity sessions from The Mistress Envy
Who wants to caged and owned?
  • I have been known to control what adult material you access during your forced sexual abstinence.
  • I have a range of punishments both suitable to distance and session play. Should you feel the need to disobey.

Forced Sexual Abstinence

Tease and denial is incredibly individual. For you it could be a test of willpower and self restraint. Or perhaps a true physical test straining against the locked cock cage.

I personally enjoy tormenting a slave through his device. This is especially fun when combined with cuckold sessions. Cock cage purchase costs are not included in the tribute payable to Mistress, for this incredible experience.

Femdom Tease and denial by The Mistress Envy English Dominatrix.
Forced Sexual Abstinence

But I can’t wear a cock cage?

This depends on why you believe this. Are you fearful of store detection and airport security? Do you attend the gym regularly and fear a cage is too cumbersome? Perhaps you have a partner.

None of the above prevent long term chastity. Different device materials can be used, on and off periods of removal can be written into the contract. With no sexual contact or release necessarily allowed during such times. Having a partner can also be worked around. As a mental state of chastity, task and punishment.