Session Behaviour Guidance

Slaves / subs must show total respect and politeness when communicating with Me, be that via phone in person or email.

Slaves / submissives will refrain from swearing whilst in My presence or while speaking to Me on the phone or via text.

It is my job to keep you safe/sane during an impact play session…

If you have any health issues that might affect your safety during your session, please let me know ahead of time so that I can plan out your session accordingly. It’s very important you tell me about any health conditions and medications which can impact upon our session. This includes blood thinning medications, existing or past injuries etc.

Devon And Somerset’s most beautiful Mistress commands respect.

  1. All who seek to enjoy the presence of my being, must arrive on time, not early not late.
  2. Arriving late can, depending on my mood, result in various consequences and cancellation of a booked session.
  3. Arriving early can compromise the privacy of other dungeon users and yourself.
  4. You will arrive clean, fresh and well presented. I am a Goddess and deserve that effort is to be made.
  5. Discretion is important to me. I deliver my sessions with the strictest of confidence and I anticipate and respect the same.
  6. Your Boss, your neighbour, your wife, your partner… no one will know about our sessions.

(Above rule does not apply for those who seek blackmail)

Mistress Envy BDSM Etiquette
Mistress Envy BDSM Etiquette

Dominatrix Session Arrival

Upon arrival you are to great me and kiss the back of my gloved hand. You will say Hello Mistress then You will hand me an envelope for the remaining payment. I should not have to ask.

This is also the time to present to Mistress any gifts you may have purchased me.

Bribery may be punished or rewarded…

Never swear to me, at me or in my presence. Your communication to me must always be polite and with thoughtful care.

Check your spelling, construct your sentences. Captivate me.

Mistress Envy Bondage

BDSM Safe Words

Rest assured I will push you, punish you and torture you to the very edge, you will be left breathless, mind-fucked, putty in my metaphorical hands. Begging for mercy, pleading with Mistress to stop will most certainly NOT end the session; a begging submissive boy or girl heightens my primal senses. The one exception is the word red, as detailed below.

RED – any problems you say red, cramp say red. Rope too tight, hand going numb say red.

I’ve hit you harder than you can manage today say red.

Red is not a safety blanket it does not end the session.

Red keeps you safe and means I can adjust the scenario not end it… I will keep pushing you, it’s not a negative to say red. It just means I will hit a different location or torture you by other means.

I do not believe any of this nonsense about no safe words… safe words do not give you control, they give you a way of telling me something has gone wrong as accidents do happen or maybe you’re bursting for the toilet… (I might not let you go but it is always good to let me know)

In addition to using the RED safeword I also use the traffic light colour system, as briefly described.

Green – pain level, confinement, play etc is going well. Please continue Mistress.

Amber – the level of endurance, pain threshold, anxiety etc are close to great discomfort. Amber is used as a means of communicating that perhaps a change of posture, implement etc is required soon.

Consent and trust are vital for session to work well. They don’t mean you’ll be able to overthrow the scenario or that you’ll be sitting comfortably any time soon. If you think “no safewords” are a fun way to conduct kink play come and see me I can bring a tattoo gun….