Foot Worship

Worship at my feet! I, The Mistress Envy, am offering the most worthless of submissives the opportunity to worship my gorgeous boots, high heels and my stockinged soles! Private boot worship sessions available in Devon, Somerset, Taunton, Bridgwater, London and UK wide on tour.

The Mistress Envy, boot worship sessions in London, Somerset, Devon.
Worship Mistress At Her Boots

Kneel on the floor as I use you as my personal footstool after a long hard day in the studio. Book a foot worship session with me and prove how worthless you really are beneath my Goddess feet. Feel the warm glow as I kick you hard with my thigh-high boots in your most pathetic place, right between your restrained legs.

Who doesn’t enjoy some full force ball busting, I most certainly do. Feel my beautiful pedicured toes as they crush your most intimate flesh; knowing that you will never be worthy enough to actually touch my bare skin.

High Heel Show Worship. The Mistress Envy.
High Heel Worship and CBT

Toes Toes Toes!!!

You love them!

I undeniably have beautiful feet. I also have beautiful luxurious stockings and heels and thigh high boots to die for. My heels and boots require tongues to work hard and clean the soles, suck lick and clean the heels. I want and deserve for my footwear to be spotlessly clean….

I have such delicate soft sweet flesh, how you hunger to feel the pads of my feet to massage and caress them. How cute that you think you are worthy to touch the toes of a Queen. Ha!

However good behaviour can result in being smothered by my stocking clad toes. So always wise to keep Mistress happy.

Mistress Envy Devon Pro Domme. BDSM and fetish.
Boot Worship Trample Sessions

I might allow you to witness me moisturising my feet, either on Skype or in person during a session, have you bound as I stroke my toes running my hands over the arch of my delicate gorgeous feet. Tormenting you in a tease and denial game of cat and mouse.

I’ll pop of my shoe and dangle my heels. Knowing you want to reach your tongue out but you can’t, it is forbidden and any hint of disobedience is severely punished. Not that you’d be able to reach anyhow.

High Heel Worship

The soles of my gorgeous high heels are filthy and I need you to lick them clean, right now. No complaining. I love wearing sexy heels, boots and platform shoes, that enhance my already stunning, long, well-defined legs.

Imagine the scene; your pathetic tongue licking the dirt from my heels after a day wearing them around the city streets. Make sure you do a perfect job, if you miss a piece of dirt I will punish you severely, mark my words.

Platform Heels Worship
Platform Heels Worship

Enjoy, if that’s the right word, the scent from my cute white gym socks after a hard physical workout. My sweaty toes and soles need cleaning on your tongue. Open your mouth and obey Mistress Envy.

Trampled in Stockings, Tights and Heels.

I am an elite superior blonde British Mistress. Submissives belong beneath me and my stockinged feet. My soles pressed hard into your face, controlling your breathing. If you are very worthy and pay suitable tribute I might allow you to enjoy the scent of my gym shoes, thrust hard into your face.

The spike of my stiletto heel shoved in your most intimate orifice….does this appeal? Then contact me to book a session. Pay tribute, pay respect.

Trampled Beneath My Feet
Trampled Beneath My Feet

Foot and Boot Worship Sessions

Stop grovelling at my feet online and book a foot / high heels worship session now! Enjoy 1.5 hours minimum worshipping my gorgeous high heels, boots and stockinged feet. I’ll leave you wanting so much more….can you handle the tease and denial? Private foot worship sessions available in Devon, Somerset, Bristol, London and UK wide.

Outdoor Boot Worship
Outdoor Boot Worship

Foot Fetish Video

Don’t want to book a 1-1 session? I offer online foot worship Skype video sessions (£2.50 per minute minimum 10 minutes) – I will command you to watch as I tease you with my high heels, dangling them from my pretty toes and heel popping. On your knees in front of your webcam, watch as I squash and trample items with my bare toes – do you wish it was you being trampled? You pathetic foot boy.

Foot Worship Skype Sessions
Foot Worship Skype Sessions

Want Mistress to paint her perfect pedicured toes a certain colour? Pay suitable tribute and I will allow you to watch me paint my sexy Goddess toes via Skype video. If you have been a very worthy foot boy, I may just offer you the opportunity to own my dirty socks and worn heels. Naturally if tribute is lacking, you’ll never get to experience this.

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