Hair Fetish

With my natural long strawberry blonde hair I am a living breathing vision. A princess like, Hollywood lead role, classic English beauty.
(My personality is far more villainess seductress)

The Mistress Envy Somerset, Bristol, London Dominatrix
Long Strawberry Blonde Hair

Part of this bewitching charm comes from having completely natural, long multi-tonal blonde hair. I have hair that many adore and are envious of. I am a hairdressers dream. Stunning flowing long locks.

Blonde Hair Fetish
Blonde Hair Fetish

Blonde Devon Dominatrix

By far the South West UK’s most breathtaking, natural blonde dominatrix.

Locks that look great in a high stern ponytail. Free-flowing and wavy from a day on the beach. Corporate and straight or invitingly curled. I can rock bunches, braids and classic updos. Beautiful sleek shiny and versatile.

The sight of me pulling my hair out of a ponytail and letting it cascade around my shoulders makes men weak at the knees. As I run my slender hands through my tousled mane. Twirling segments around my fingers and swishing and swaying back and forth side to side.

How you dream to feel my vibrant blonde hair touch and tickle torture your body. To inhale the clean natural aroma.

Rapunzel eat your heart out, dream and fantasise about climbing my hair for your own pathetic salvation.

Perhaps if you are very lucky I will let you brush my long blonde hair, so very gently and worship where my Goddess crown belongs.

Hair fetish natural blonde
Natural Strawberry Blonde Hair Fetish

Feel the silky soft strands glide through your hands as you ensure I have pristine and flawless hair as any goddess should.

Who doesn’t dream of admiring a natural real blonde. I am pure with my blue eyes and golden hair.

My hair is my favourite feature and a great source of my vanity.

Hair Fetish Mistress

Come and enjoy the teasing beauty. A medusa in princess disguise. Be enthralled by my very being and enjoy hair fetish as part of one of your sessions.

I am the ultimate fantasy and if you have a fetish for my gorgeous long hair it would be most sensible to contact me.

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