Human Furniture

I am welcoming sessions and requests for human furniture.

Be my foot stool, human table or doormat.

Enjoy surrendering yourself to me. Whilst finally being of some use you worthless worm. I will use you as I see fit, arms outstretched holding my coat like a human coat stand whilst I humiliate you or ignore you, while filling my nails. The coat and bag of a dominatrix shouldn’t be on the floor! So don’t get tired and don’t drop those arms. My whip is never far from my grasp.

Mistress Foot Worship

Picture yourself on all fours, my gorgeous long legs outstretched before me, stunning heels dig into your back as I read a magazine or erotic fiction out loud. You tremble and ache with exhaustion and adoration of your Mistress.

Serve As My Human Table

What an honour it is to be my human table. A cloth draped over you so I don’t have to look at you. I will balance food and drink upon your back testing your limits and obedience. Remember furniture is strong and silent. Do not dare to disappoint me.

Elite sophisticated disciplinarians deserve the finest furniture, do you have what it takes to serve me? A wise and powerful woman. Elegant and beautiful I need somewhere reliable to place my feet. Pushing my weight though my heels against your vulnerable pathetic quivering flesh.

I will find and enjoy various ways to make use of you, taunting you for your inadequacy or rewarding your devotion. I will have you in compromising positions daring you to spill a drop, whilst throwing in predicament…. The house always wins and I am a born winner.

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