Response FAQs

Why don’t I have a response from Mistress?

Perhaps you didn’t include session duration, your preferred dates etc.
Maybe I replied and I am In spam. Please check your email spam folder and mark my email as NOT SPAM for future correspondence.
Your request may reflect that you didn’t read my website! Common red flags I read include:
Requests for activities I do not offer! Such as SCAT.
A request to session earlier than 11am. Unless on a pre-booked overnight stay I will not session earlier than this.
You have asked for an hour or less.
You asked for a same day session.
You sent an obscene fantasy without context.
You typed your email address in wrong.
The message was a clear copy and paste / included another Mistresses’ name.
You said you want to pay in cash without a deposit.
If the above apply remedy this and try again.

What happens during the booking process?

I will check your limits and health conditions, interests and fetishes.
You will pay a 50% non refundable booking fee.
I will book the studio and confirm with you once booked.
I then give you the full address.
You arrive on the day with remaining balance in cash. You arrive dead on time following instructions I will have text you regarding arrival/ parking/directions.
If sensible you may also bring a gift for Me.
I will give you chance to use the bathroom.
I will then give you direction and command regarding removal of clothing and where/how to position yourself.
I blow your mind and push you to perform well for ME.
Aftercare: cool down is part of the session time. I will begin to wind down the session. Allowing you to compose yourself. We discuss the session, your made comfortable and given sugar treats and water.

If you believe you did everything correct, double check spam! Try again.

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