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Genuine wonderful feedback left for Mistress Envy. I session throughout the South West of England including London tours. I simply love hearing your feedback about our BDSM sessions, don’t be shy and tell me what blew your mind!

Military Latex worn by The Mistress Envy of Somserset UK.

With your consent I will post reviews received via email, private message etc.

Genuine Mistress Session Reviews


That was exactly the sort thing I wanted to mention, you rooting around in my head! It was so, so very real- that made it so much more intense. It brought out so many of my insecurities, I felt very vulnerable all the way through, but safe enough to let that feeling happen and carry on with the session. That was a really thin line, so thank you for treading that so carefully. Your voice was the hugest turn on, it really was. I will be fantasising about everything you said for a long, long time, along with how you looked in the session and the feeling of your tights against my body. Just incredible.

I loved the music in the session and the way you played with that to bring me into different moods. I also found it really helpful to distract me after my drinking ‘task’ when you were asking me about my redacted for privacy to regulate me. That was fantastic.

The whole session has definitely left a lasting impression on me. It was so, so lovely to meet you, and I am really glad that I booked. You really put me at ease, which helped so much.

I really could go on, but I know that your time is precious and I have taken up a lot of it already! I would love to explore more with you, and definitely have some ideas in that direction.

I hope that the gift arrived today, I got the dispatch notice. It was a selfish gift on my part, so sorry for that. I’m keen to hear how you get on with the book, Mistress!

Sincerely, thank you so much for everything, it really did mean the world. I hope that you enjoyed the session, despite it being a job for you.

September 2022

When I booked my session with Mistress Envy, I was filled with a mixture of nervousness and excitement, as I hadn’t visited a Mistress for a few years. But as soon as I met her, I knew I had made the right choice. She wasn’t just stunningly beautiful — even more striking than her photos — she oozed intelligence, warmth and power. She instantly made me feel at ease (but respectful and submissive), and her voice had me hooked.

By the time she told me to undress moments later, I was completely under her spell and would have done just about anything for her. We had already discussed my wide range of interests over email, and were both eager to explore together. Mistress began by transforming me into her feminised doll, Fifi. It was indescribably erotic, and I was embarrassed by my hard cock as she slowly dressed me in gorgeous lingerie and much more. When I looked in the mirror, I was thrilled to see a sexy slut looking back at me.

Then Mistress strapped me down to a bench and used a range of implements to apply her glowing artistry to my backside. I’d forgotten how good it was to endure pain for a Mistress, and my joy intensified when she attached nipple clamps under my false titties. She clearly enjoyed my discomfort, which made it even more intoxicating. All the time, she was talking to me, asking about my likes and experiences, telling me about her own and hinting about future adventures we could share together.

Sexual energy flowed through me. Even though I was strapped down and helpless, inside my soul soared in liberation and happiness. We finished with what Mistress called a pervert’s pedicure. E-stim made my feet dance while she painted my toenails a slutty red and helped me embrace my femininity. It was all over too soon. We had a lovely chat afterwards (though my tea-making skills were found very wanting!), and I was sorry to leave. It was a magical experience, and I’ve already booked to see her again. She is the Mistress of my dreams. If you are a submissive, go see her. Spoil her. Submit to her. Worship her.

Fifi S (Mistress Envy Review April 2019)

I had never visited a Mistress and it took me time to pluck up the courage to contact Mistress Envy however when I did she appreciated my fears and gently sorted out our meeting whilst listening to and understanding my particular fantasies.

When the appointment arrived it was evident that she had taken time to think about what would make the session So memorable for me and from the very first, explaining safe words etc , to the end of the session she made me feel that whatever she did it was because she fully understood my needs.

She has opened up a complete new vista for me and shown me that my fantasies are not unique and that I should embrace them rather than be ashamed. Whether the same outlook would be shown by other Mistress’s I don’t know but Mistress Envy clearly understands people and a session with her is considerably therapeutic. I cannot wait to see her again and let her help me explore my fantasies.

Chris T (Mistress Envy Review April 2019)

Zap! Pop! Mistress Envy took my breath away and shredded my nerves in a balloon-filled session at Studio Onyx. Wearing a provocative latex outfit, that I was ordered to clean to a shine, she proceeded to tie me down and use me like the worthless sub that I am. Mistress Envy knew how to push my limits…tease and taunt and she was creative and able to improvise. As a first timer on the BDSM scene I thoroughly recommend a visit to Mistress Envy…if she thinks you are worthy.

Anon (Mistress Envy Review July 2018)

I had made contact before making a booking and discussed like/dislikes and limits. I made a booking to submit to Mistress Envy at Studio Onyx near Taunton, and so glad that I did. This was our first session together (first of many I hope). On arrival we agreed/reminded each other of limits and then fun began. Had the most amazing session of electrics, cp, nipple play and waxing.

Was left with some amazing marks and bruises as a memento, looking forward to having next session and having my limits and experiences broadened in a safe consensual environment. Thank You Mistress Envy.

Sarah (Mistress Envy Review May 2018)

I had an amazing meeting with Mistress Envy. I am a submissive tickle torture slave. I spent 90 incredible minutes being mercilessly tickled by Mistress Envy. She is thoroughly professional, absolutely gorgeous and completely without mercy. I was rock hard and writhing about screaming for the full 90 minutes. She chained me in different positions and used all manner of different tickling tools on me, including her wicked fingernails. I will definitely be back. Thank you mistress. xx

John (Mistress Envy Review March 2018)

Friday night I attended the Killer Queens evening at Studio Onyx, organised by stunning Mistress Envy. I had not had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Envy before, after Friday night I intend to see her as much as possible, she is stunningly beautiful, with a gorgeous figure and amazing long legs. Mistress Envy is also naturally dominant, turning quickly from friendly and bubbly to stern and cruel…the gaggle of sissies in attendance witnessed her skills as a Domme later in the evening when we were blindfolded and fully abused by Mistress and the other 3 stunning Dommes in attendance – we felt the full force of her paddle, shock device and crop.

I was ridden like a horse, cropped for being too slow and then taken upstairs to be tied down and thoroughly beaten with a flogger and cane, my backside is still sore. I would highly recommend Mistress Envy for a 1:1 session or attend one of her devilish parties soon!

Anon (Mistress Envy Review September 2017)

Mistress Envy was a sheer pleasure to deal with from the start of my original email enquiry to the end of my session. I am writing this after my first foray into the world of mistresses/dominatrixes. It is a fantasy I never thought I would pursue and one I even came close to backing out of due to nerves.

But her patience and reassurance in the email stage gave me the push I needed. Now having experienced a fantastic hour and a half at her mercy, I can say with complete certainty that I would have thoroughly regretted not going ahead with it.

Mistress Envy made me experience things I never thought I would and pushed my out of my comfort zone. She delighted in toying with me and coming up with new things to subject me to on a whim, yet throughout this I felt completely safe under her control. She put me at ease from the start of the session and drove me to push new boundaries. It has been said numerous times in previous reviews, but it bears repeating; Ms Envy is truly gorgeous in the flesh, not to mention enchanting company with a quick wit and sharp tongue.

I could not believe how quickly the session flew by and I was sorry to have to leave. I feel the door has been opened by her now and it will only be a matter of time before I feel compelled to return.

A truly wonderful experience.

S (Mistress Envy Review October 2017)

I sessioned with Mistress Envy at Hoxton Dungeon in London, although she is normally based in Devon/Somerset. When I messaged her to book the session she was very prompt and friendly in her replies, and we discussed kinks and session content. As if often the case with mistresses, she looks great in pictures – traditionally feminine with long blonde hair – but even better in the flesh. Taller than I expected and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her curves and feet, being the slut that I am!

One of the main things that drew me to Mistress Envy was her love of latex and breath play, which are two of my biggest fetishes, and during the session, her enthusiasm for these things was obvious, which made it even more exciting. She also warmed me up with some bondage, electrics and pain play, and whilst I had some limited experience of these things before, Mistress Envy explored my limits in a way that made me feel safe whilst also pushing me outside of my comfort zone. After the session, I was left smiling, a little exhausted, and eager for more!

CheekySub (Mistress Envy Review September 2017)

Mistress had a lot of fun with Her pegs on my genitals and also removing them, and all the other toys that caused Her so much enjoyment and me so much pain, before replacing the chastity and allowing me to get dressed and leave.

During the whole session, i wasn’t allowed to see Mistress due to the restrictive nature of the hood, was gagged as well and i can safely say it was the most pleasurable time of submission i have ever had, an experience we are going to surpass on our next meeting.

If you are in the South-West, you have to visit this wonderful Lady and let Her take you to places that you never thought existed, then you too, like me will be hooked and aching for more.

Thank You Mistress Envy, You are truly exceptional x

Paul (Mistress Envy Review July 2017)

Oh how beautiful the marks are across you body’ Mistress informed me, now a canvass for her craft. I turned my head I saw this intense look in her eyes, her skin slightly flushed I was infatuated with her beauty. When Mistress was satisfied she let me go. As much as I was glad the whipping had ended, it was deflating to no longer be the centre of her attention. I hope to see Mistress Envy again soon, what a lady. X

Anon (Mistress Envy Review May 2017)

I was lucky enough to serve Mistress Envy on a Sunday in February at Studio Onyx and it really was a fantastic experience. She was friendly and welcoming, helping to put me at my ease when discussing what I hoped to get from the session and discussing my limits. Very beautiful and with a warm voice which sounds so kind and concerned as she’s applying various delicious tortures to your body, she ran the best session I have ever had with a Domme.

James (Mistress Envy Review April 2017)

I was lucky enough to serve Mistress Envy on a Sunday at Studio Onyx Somerset and it really was a fantastic experience. She was friendly and welcoming, helping to put me at my ease when discussing what I hoped to get from the session and discussing my limits. Very beautiful and with a warm voice which sounds so kind and concerned as she’s applying various delicious tortures to your body, she ran the best session I have ever had with a Domme.

Mistress Envy set up two predicaments for me, helped me take my first steps into exploring anal play and ripped edge after edge from me as I begged in desperation for the release of orgasm that I was unworthy to receive and was denied so expertly by her hand.

Added to the excellent facilities she uses, genuinely kind aftercare she gave and her eventual gracious permission for me to orgasm once I had returned home, I cannot wait until I am able to serve her again in the near future.

Oh, and my nipples still ache beautifully two days later.

James (Mistress Envy Review March 2017)

Just last night I attended a CFnm event that was hosted and organised by the utterly beautiful Mistress Envy, and so commend her for staging an excellent evening, of which I’m now eagerly awaiting notification to the next!I had not until last night been privileged to be in Mistress Envy’s company, but can assure all of you that she is so very beautiful, and very deserving of much adoration and worship!

Her character exudes a warm beautiful charm, but her eloquent spoken tones of command had me weak at the knees, even when kneeling on them!!From the moment I saw and heard Mistress Envy speak, I was captivated by her crisp but firm voice, her beautiful long hair, wickedly sparkling eyes, her full and shapely body….. So I hope I’m making myself clear, that Mistress Envy is a Mistress you’ll feel compelled to serve, adore and worship, as she is so very desirable and deserving!

My mere words cannot do justice enough, but hope I have described that Mistress Envy is a most desirably beautiful Lady of command, poise, nature and character who will undoubtedly please all be it in her delightfully painful way!

GaryChaste (Mistress Envy Review March 2017)

I met Mistress Envy at a CFNM event at Taunton and I cannot speak too highly of her. She is a stunning beautiful Mistress and very tall. I was fairly new to the scene but she made me feel at home and relaxed BUT pushed me to my limits before I was allowed to receive the honour of worshipping her wonderful thigh high heel boots. I would recommend Mistress Envy to everyone. Thank you.

Timmy (Mistress Envy Review March 2017)

Well where to begin, Mistress Envy is without doubt a nylon fetishists dream come true, drop dead Gorgeous, tall long nylon legs that go on forever, immaculately dressed and extremely friendly.

Made me feel at ease straight away though we had previously conversed for some time, this is also refreshing, to meet one so Dominant and yet willing to listen and explore with her submissive. I am only at the beginning off this exciting journey into the fetish world and I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect Mistress to guide me through the many delights that awaits me.

It was my true pleasure to spend time in her company, under feet and most dreamy was my face being used as her seat, if heaven truly exists I believe I may have found a little of it on earth with Mistress Envy.

Her Seat (Mistress Envy Review March 2017)

My first experience of submission with Mistress Envy was unforgettable. She is commandingly tall and extremely attractive, intimidating but approachable, like the teacher you had a crush on at school but in the body of a goddess!

(Mistress Envy Review March 2017)

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