Femdom Rewards – Dirty Panties

How lucky you are! Don’t forget to show your worth and gratitude. For I have been so very generous and kind. Allowing you the opportunity to own and possess Mistress’ used and worn personal underwear garments.

Mistress Envy, femdom. London, Bristol dungeon Sessions. Buy my dirty knickers.
Superior FemDom in UK

Buy My Worn Panties, Dirty Used Lingerie.

My very own loved and intimate items available to be purchased by the most prestigious and fortunate Submissive.

  • Each item will have been worn by myself for a minimum of 12 hours immediately prior to postage. Fresh panties to sniff and show!
  • I will have worn them on several occasions for a minimum of 24 hours.
  • I often wear the items to the gym, to work, during BDSM sessions, out shopping.
Mistress Envy, femdom. London, Bristol dungeon Sessions. Buy my dirty knickers.
Buy My Worn Panties – Mistress Envy

I am young, I am gorgeous, I am highly aroused and sexually driven. The cotton gusset of these items allow maximum absorption of my gorgeous scent. I find it to be such a turn on knowing the lingerie I wear will be enjoyed by you.

Buy Dirty Knickers, Worn Socks and Gym Shoes

My worn intimate items are very popular, so the items I own change often. You don’t want to miss out, do you! Own my stinky gym shoes or perhaps a pair of my most delicate lace panties. Enjoy knowing that you have in your possession an item, in fact a gift, from a blonde Goddess.

My gorgeous bare toes leave little imprints on my flip-flops and strappy sandals. Pay tribute and perhaps you could be running your tongue over those same cute indentations. Tasting my exquisite beauty.

My cute dirty socks could be yours to sniff and never tell. My soft bare toes leaving the most exquisite arousing aroma. Own a pair of my sweaty gym socks and rejoice in their filthy appearance.

Buy Worn Gym Shoes. Mistress Envy, femdom. London, Bristol dungeon Sessions. Buy my dirty knickers.
Buy Worn Gym Shoes

How To Buy My Used Lingerie

Respectfully contact me to ask about my worn and used clothing. We will discuss tribute and delivery details.

Rude, explicit, disrespectful emails will be ignored…as will you!

Pay Tribute

Worn and used Thong / Panties £20

Worn and used Lace Shorts £20

Loved and worn fishnet or sheer Stockings, per pair £20

Exclusive and rare, worn coordinating Bra and panties set £30

Worn gym shoes, flip-flops, boots, socks are priced on request.

Customised personal requests

For an additional tribute fee personalised requests can be accommodated.

Stockings can be worn outdoors if so requested, without shoes. My gorgeous feet making my stockings all wet and dirty!

Do not fear making requests, I am very open minded, if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Use the contact form to politely discuss your request.

Perhaps you would like to own a pair of my dirty wet panties, that I have used for watersports or own my stockings that I have trampled cream cakes in…or perhaps trampled a worthless cock.

Red Lace Brazilian Bum Panties. Mistress Envy, femdom. London, Bristol dungeon Sessions. Buy my dirty knickers.
Buy My Worn Stockings

Satin lace lingerie and sheer seamed stockings

I adore beautiful lingerie and reinvest the tribute to buying more gorgeous silk, satin and lace items to be worshipped in.

Alongside your discreetly packaged item for an additional tribute you can receive an email containing 3 custom images of myself wearing the requested item.

Each item is unique and genuine. Unless specifically requested all items sold have been worn by myself only. Be part of my awesome life, own a taste of Mistress Envy.

Payment and Postage

UK postage is included in the price and items will be sent discreetly in plain outer wrapping, intimate items sealed for freshness in a “ziploc” bag.

Payment securely online by all major credit and debit cards. Discretion assured.

Buy My Worn Knickers - Mistress Envy of Somerset and Devon.
Buy My Worn Knickers

FAQ Genuine Worn Knickers, Used Stockings

Q: Are your intimate items for sale genuine?
A: Yes yes yes! Every item for sale has been owned and worn by myself, a gorgeous elite Mistress. They have caressed my bare skin in the most intimate places…unlike you.

Q: Will my partner find out about my lingerie fetish?
A: No, not unless you tell them or request blackmail. I send using plain packaging…your dirty dirty secret is safe.

Q: Are your dirty knickers….really dirty?
A: All my intimate items are worn for day to day activities; going to the gym, shopping, driving the car, working in my office, having lots of sex. My powerful feminine scent will be obvious. My sensual stockings will smell of my powerful, gorgeous feet.

Q: Can I custom request really filthy dirty lingerie from you?
A: You can make a custom request and subject to suitable extra tribute I will ensure the item you have requested is pure filth…..like your worthless mind. I might have a watersports accident in my panties or perhaps forget my tampon for a day when wearing lace French knickers. Goodness knows what my sexy stockinged toes might walk through as I slip off my high heels outdoors.

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