Real time 1-1 Sessions

Booked Pro Domme sessions can include a multitude of different kinks and fetishes to explore. Lucky for you Mistress Envy is an open minded, experienced lover of all things kink and Femdom.

The Mistress Envy, sessions in London, Somerset, Devon, Bristol.
Mistress Envy Dungeon Sessions

Explore the list below which contains some links for more in depth description. Being honest with our desires leads to the most fulfilling sessions.

Pro Domme Sessions

If you can’t see one of your favourite fetishes below. Message me. This list is not exhaustive. There is not much I will not indulge in. However do note my exclusions at the bottom before doing so. I session in Somerset and London (for my most loyal of clients).

Shoe / boot worship

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous stiletto? Mistress has a stunning shoe collection and boots that need to be cleaned and shined with your tongue.

Chastity / key holding

I live to build my collection of locked and enslaved pets. I will own and control your sexual desire.

High Heel Boots Trampling

Pressing my sharp stiletto heel into your soft, trembling flesh. Torturing you as I rock my weight through my boots as I press against your pathetic being.

Verbal Humiliation

The Mistress Envy, fetish sessions in London, Somerset, Devon, Bristol.
Scheduled Telephone Humiliation Sessions

Your pain and tears amuse me. I’ll teach you your place. Strapped to a bench and submitting to my sissy pink fucking machine. Open wide as the dildo slides into you, long deep, never ending strokes from the machine will remind you of your place in life.

Caging and bondage

Bondage includes so many variations. Make no mistake whichever method I chose you will be helpless and under my control. Experience all over total body bondage with a vac-cube experience.

D/s Roleplay

From bad babysitter to unforgiving boss. A sinful nurse or strict Head Teacher; your fantasy is mine to turn into a dark reality.

Corporal Punishment

Spanking, flogging, whipping and caning sessions for naughty boys and girls.

Anal / Strap-on worship

I will make you enjoy it, in your most forbidden place. Submit to deep pegging and lose your anal virginity.

Sissification / Forced Feminisation

I adore the supremacy of being a woman. Don’t be fooled into thinking you will be privileged once I paint your toe-nails and dress you. Post makeover you will still be inferior just much more pleasant to look at…

BDSM activities that I enjoy.

Private Play Venues in Somerset, Devon and London

The Mistress Envy has use of several well equipped private play spaces, accessible from across South West England including Somerset, Bristol and Devon, in addition to London fetish sessions and other areas of the UK when on tour.

Experience Vac-Cube Latex Bondage

Visiting Mistress sessions are also available at Twisted Boudoir, an easily accessible private play venue. Close to Bridgwater Somerset, easily accessible from Bristol, Gloucester and Swindon, near junction 23 of the M5 motorway. Twisted Boudoir is a modern, clean, well equipped private BDSM play space. Mainline rail and motorway access nearby, with plenty of free parking.

Twisted Boudoir, Somerset and Bristol play space dungeon.
Twisted Boudoir Playspace

A wide range of high quality BDSM furniture and kinky accessories, St. Andrew’s Cross, padded spanking horse, large cage, rope, leather and metal restraints, latex full body vac-cube, bondage body bag, refreshment area, large chill-out zone for after session care.

Twisted Boudoir, Somerset Fetish Venue.
Twisted Boudoir Gyno Restraint Chair
Twisted Boudoir, Somerset and Bristol play space dungeon.
Spanking Horse Twisted Boudoir, Somerset

Mistress Envy DOES NOT offer any of the following…

Sexual Services, including nude/topless sessions, kissing, handjobs, oral/reverse oral, rimming and full sex.

Incestuous or pedophilic fantasies

Wrestling, ‘Beat-Down’ / No Safeword sessions.

Hardsports including Scat/Caviar Or Vomiting/Roman Showers.
Intimate body worship

If the above are what you seek, please contact another Mistress who is able to offer such services.

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