The Lady Loves Latex

With my ever growing latex rubber clothing collection (thank you all for the Westward Bound vouchers) and my increasing Pleaser heels and boots collection. I firstly want to say how grateful I am for the tributes you give me and the additional gifts.

The thrill and scent of unwrapping the tissue paper and touching my brand new latex clothing, is simply out of this world.

Military Latex worn by Mistress Envy
The Mistress Envy in Latex

Then pouring my body into this sexy material is well.. Heavenly and exciting and just what this Goddess deserves. Running my hands over my silhouette enjoying the feel as I admire my reflection from all angles.

Latex Rubber Fetish

Receiving such vouchers reaffirms your adoration and worship of me. Additionally it allows me to spoil you all back.

Which some of you deserve others are less worthy but none the less… I have arranged a gorgeous professional photoshoot to show you my divine figure clad in all my shiny new latex.

If you would like a custom image do contact me to discuss..

Pay Tribute in Latex

If you wish to session with me in real-time or via Skype. I do latex worship. Simply state on your communication to me that you have a latex fetish and I will select one of my stunning vibrant ensembles to wear. I love to be clad in latex rubber as I taunt, tease, humiliate and punish you.

Latex Booty Worship

Buy Latex Gift Vouchers

If you are really lucky I might deem you worthy to polish and shine these flawless garments.

Cheerleader Latex

If you wish to see more new stunning latex outfits added to my wardrobe send Westward Bound gift vouchers to I can never have too much rubber.

As a curvaceous tall natural blonde with a small waist, latex hugs in all the right places.. And all colours suit me.

Sexy Latex Nurse

I deserve to wear it and you need to see me in it.

So keep your eyes peeled on my gallery page and get that session booked… it won’t shine itself.

Mistress Envy

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  1. It may sound like a strange thing to give to such a beautiful woman as yourself, but I would love to donate a beautiful/grotesque Russian gas mask to you when we meet, to wear with your gorgeous rubberwear.

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