Do whatever you like Mistress.

Mistress Envy High Heel Worship in Devon.

What I like? Hmm what I like.

I am often asked about what I enjoy.

I advertise a long list of fetishes that I can and will accommodate.

Which one is your favourite Mistress??

Do you enjoy being a disciplinarian, a temptress, a dominatrix?

Do you get more excited about foot worship enquiries or Corporal punishment?

Which fetishes tickle my fancy?

Well if you want to know what makes me hot and bothered, which I’m sure you all do.

However firstly… asking me to do whatever I like must always be within safe and consensual limits I always use the traffic light safety system, and don’t ask me this question if you think you’re being clever, or desire to “catch me out” testing if what I like is what you like… it depends what day it is and my sessions are very tailor based on your interests, experience and what mood I am in.

I enjoy pushing limits, testing the willing submission of those who spend time with me.

I love when I can make someone flinch with apprehension, from a word or a noise. To mentally get inside your head and screw with you. To watch your body tremble as you hold positions for me and do whatever I ask without question. I love respect and when people surrender themselves to me mentally and physically, losing themselves in submission.

I enjoy getting ready for and preparing for a session. A long soak in the bath, moisturising my body. No matter that you aren’t worthy to touch my soft warm flesh, a goddess should feel like one. I enjoy applying my makeup and selecting my outfit. Whilst conjuring up thoughts of what to do that day.

In terms of specific fetishes it’s hard to characterise favourites. It’s really about individual sessions and the responses you give.

As much as I enjoy sissification and maid training. I also adore colouring your body with many implements. I love the sound of hitting you, making you squirm and squeal. I equally adore making you exhausted and helpless. To learn and grow on a journey of self-discovery and truly help you to fulfil your fantasies.

A flick of the whip and turn of the pin wheel are both exciting but it’s more about the response. Does it make you tense, do you remain silent or beg for mercy. It’s all about your reactions.

I personally get excited by adventurous willing. The emails that come from the open-minded and the curious. I am thrilled by loyalty and devotion. The subs, gimps, cuckolds and sissies who go above and beyond. Who keep themselves at the forefront of my mind with their kindness, thoughtful generosity.

Well thought out gifts and bookings done with good periods of notice. The people who mind their manners and put effort into sessions too. When I can see that you are genuinely pushing yourself and opening up to me. When you respect me and want to show your admiration through effort, servitude and gifts. You are my kind of people. Support my lifestyle financially and allow me to offer the services I do and grow my services and equipment collection.

My eyes also light up when cuckold and double-dom requests come in, I love working alongside an alpha male and watching your mind and body react to a double onslaught of torture. Taunting teasing, humiliating you. Making you witness a real man worship your Mistress in ways you can but only dream of. That feeling of untouchable superiority thrills my very soul.

Oh and I grin like no tomorrow when you crumple up in writhing agony because of any controlled method I have chosen.

Ah Bliss.

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